Deco Seal For Fall

Colder months are approaching which means that our pools aren’t getting the usual daily use by the kids, the in-laws and the friends over on the weekends. We of course, always get a little sad about the fact that summer has come to a close, but with football season, comes the perfect time to maintain your pool in ways that weren’t possible while it was getting daily use.

Since we know that you care about the functionality and look of your pool just as much as we do, it’s the season to redo your deco seal on your pool! Not only will it make your pool look clean, finished and beautiful - but has necessary technical benefits as well.

  • A new deco seal extends the life of the cooping around the pool.

  • Reduces the amount of water under the deck and pool seal.

  • Creates a waterproof seal.

With that, the deco seal also needs 24 hours to set without getting wet - making the fall workweek a perfect time to do it!

There are different colors to match your specific pool aesthetic so you truly can get that exact look!

This fall we’re running a special for $0.50 off each foot (originally $7.75 a foot - now $7.25). Depending on the size of your pool- you can save some major $$!!

Unsure of if your deco seal needs to be replaced? Give us a call and we’re happy to talk you through it!